" Where's me Spanners ? "

"Where's me spanners ? " is a gravity racing team based in Charlesworth, a rural village to the east of Manchester on the edge of the Peak district.

We built our first soap box racer in 2011 with our first 'Official' race being the "Cairngorm Extreme" of the same year. We were given the number 23 and raced under the team name of 'The Quinns'. Having managed all our heats and races without smashing up the bogie, we decided to embark on a series of necessary modifications and to enter further events.

We continue to attempt improvements to the vehicles and intend to enter races throughout the country during 2014.


 'Where's me spanners ?' logo. This was adopted by the gravity racing team at the start of the 2013 season

The Team

Gerry Quinn

It falls upon me to be the team captain / chief designer / builder / cart shifter / and responsible for anything else that requires doing in order for us to get to an event and continue racing there.

Initially, I was the only driver. I soon realised I should enlist others...

a) Because I wasn't very good at it  (Kahuna deficiency ! )
b) I preferred to be in control of the project.


Dom Quinn

Dom (Son No 2) made his driving debut in the Screwfix 'Off-road' soapbox rally. He entered the junior class and did very well, winning the Shropshire heat and coming second in the UK final in Scotland.
He was the youngest driver at Cairngorm extreme and has now driven at most of the major bogie venues.

He may have to reduce his driving duties as he's now in his second year studying Medicine at Keele University.


Andy Clayton

Having been part of the infamous GBIII team, Andy joined the "Where's me spanners ?" team when we entered Border Bogies 2012.

He enjoyed the experience enough to also race at Catterline and the Brechin Halloween festival.



Scott Houghton

Scott was the first person to share driving duties. We took turns each driving the WMSI cart at Dalby Forest 2011.

He also entered the Screwfix 'Off-road' soapbox rally, winning the Shropshire heat (A clean sweep for the team here !).

Scott has driven both carts as we alternated the driving during the Dalby Forest 2012 event.




Juliet Quinn (Jules)

Jules doesn't drive the carts as she's far too sensible to throw herself down a mountain road in a box built by me in the garage !

She has however, performed all pit crew duties and been unwavering in her support of the team.

Her famous line with us all is "Just keep finishing... "

She may be found during the summer months, sitting at a vantage point by a gravity racing track, watching the racing, glass in hand... And why not ? !


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Gerry Quinn. 38b Marple Road, Charlesworth, Glossop. SK13 5DA
Telephone: 01457 865952
Mobile: 07824 998039